About Us

Since 1984, Italcutting has been active in the polyurethane industry, offering its clients technical advice and equipment solutions for all processes of cutting and processing different types of foam.

ITALCUTTING, inherited from a decade-long experience of Kereonsys, SA and always led by Paolo Dugo Reggiani, positions itself as a leader in providing solutions for the Spanish and Portuguese markets with the widest range of machines.

In close collaboration with its partners, ITALCUTTING has been providing its customers with the best cutting and transformation solutions, providing technical advice essential to the pursuit of these goals without any commitment.

The experience of over 40 years of continuous work in sectors such as rest, upholstery, automotive insulation, medical, thermal and acoustic, packaging, among others, make ITALCUTTING the best partner in collaboration with the customer to reach the best solution.

In the Iberian market, we have a fleet of more than 60 units in leading companies in several of the respective sectors in the accomplishment of different operations, such as:
– Horizontal and vertical CNC units for cutting projects.
– Machines for cutting horizontal and vertical plates of polyurethanes and polyethylenes.
– Automatic cutting tables for fabrics, fibers, TNT, etc.
– Software for acquisition projects with artificial vision.
– Excavators and drills for the resting sector.
– Small units for cuts of remaining material.
– Agglomerate production systems.
– Presses for compaction of waste.
– Laminated systems, flame or tail foam formation for the automotive, construction and cleaning sectors, forehead testing by hot air or thermal resistance of plates, winders and unwinds.
– Complete units and lines for the production of pillows.
– High precision filling systems for cushions, pillows, blankets, etc.
-Cutting blade supplier
– Lines and machines for vacuum packaging for all sectors described above.